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Re: '84 5kS automatic wit

 -=> Quoting G  Benedikt Rochow <=-

 GBR> Did the '84 5kS with automatic trans. have the upshift indicator
 GBR> in the instrument pod, or something else to fill that space?

      It's universal across the line for 5Ks of that vintage.
      You already noticed all the "extra" lamp holders
      available, very few gas engines need that glowplug
      light on the cluster too.......<gr>

      The upshift indicator on just about all the manual tranny
      5Ks has been removed (it's a switch that used to go onto
      the vacuum lines behind the distributor). The only thing
      it was ever good for was to cause vacuum leaks, and
      many were removed by dealers when the car was new,
      people found it annoying.

      It's just one of those things you never notice, unless
      you decide to notice it.  You could probably just
      dab some black paint on it if it really bothers you.



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