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Instrument cluster fiddling

I finally screwed up my courage to pull out the '91 200q instrument cluster
and make the needed -10% adjustment to the fuel consumption factor (trip
computer mileage). It was quite an ordeal to get the lefthand side of the
IC to "pop" free. Next time it will go faster I'm sure (an Audiphile's
mixture of optimistic pessimism).

While peering at the top edge of the panel, I noticed a 5 position switch
(lever) located a couple of inches to the right of the trip computer
calibrator. I haven't located in Bentley where this 5 pos. switch is
discussed. The two extreme positions are labelled "diesel" and
"benzin"--pretty self-explanatory, but what are the intermediate positions?
Also, what does this switch actually do--i.e, what happens if it is
accidently switched to the _wrong_ position?

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'89 100 (For Sale, 111K, automatic)
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose@servtech.com