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Re: Help! Audi gods are angry

Problem resolved!

	Locks on S4 (and I assume A6/100 etc) got out of
	sync with alarm and rest of system brain, e.g.
	key would lock doors but system would act
	like one had unlocked them (turn on interior lights).
	Unlock doors, and alarm would sound when door was
	opened.  Even lock switch on front doors reversed
	sense (push bottom part of switch, doors would unlock,
	push top, doors would lock.
	Disconnect battery for 5 seconds
	Surprisingly none.  Neither the radio nor the phone
	lost any state.  I did have to reprogram the keys
	though.  As soon as I disconnected the battery
	the doors unlocked and got back in sync with
	the car computer. I immediately reattached the battery.
	I guess the radio can stand a short power loss?
Thanks again to the fast responders to my plea!!