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Re: IR filters

On Sat, 19 Sep 1998 09:54:17 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
From: quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
Subject: Re: IR filters

>In message <m0zKHLl-000JpmC@post.cis.smu.edu> randrews@post.cis.smu.edu
(Robert Paul Andrews) >writes:
>> That may be true, but what RADAR jammer do you know of that works.  I'd like
>> if it does because it would be illegal even to operate anywhere as it would
>> have to broadcast at such a high wattage, above for what the FCC allows
>> citizens without a license for whatever they operate.
>You're thinking of _swamping_ the return signal.  Not easy with RADAR,
>because it's so easy to make highly selective filters.
>[ ... ]
>Any physicists about?  I had the idea that you could mount something
>like a cup-type anemometer head directly behind the radiator grill.  The
>'cups' would be shaped like (and would be) miniature RADAR reflectors -
>scaled down versions of the things you see on bouys and the masts of
>yachts.  They would not have to be very big to generate a return as
>large as the car's.  The device could be driven by the airstream, and
>would have a Watt-style centripetal governor to generate a cup speed of
>20mph relative to the car's motion.

I still like my semi-passive jammer idea: attach a large number of bicycle
reflectors to a football with little springs so the whole mess jiggles like
crazy in the breeze. Mount this gizmo on a 10 ft. mast to get better
protection in hill-cresting situations.  Believe it or not, this is _still_
not patented.

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq