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Re: 4000 question

> Also have right HL out - I gather that's the ONLY way to change the air
> filter - sheesh -wotta pain!

I've done it on my 82 just by bending everything above it out of the way
... are the later models tougher than that?!?

> Any tips on removing driver's door window glass? Haynes obtuse, don't want
> to break anything.

remove door panel (...) the bottom of the glass will be glued to a metal
bracket which is bolted to the window regulator mechanism (power or
manual).  Thsi glue can be anywhere from a cinch to a four hour project
to remove.  When I powered my coupe's windows I had to swap brackets
(regs from 81 5kt) and one side was easy - I think the glass had been
replaced.  The other side took hours of bending, exacto-ing, and
solvents to finally get it off without breaking the glass.

Then the glass will come out by raising it cockeyed, carefully.

If you're putting in a new window, one good hit with a hammer gets out
the old glass.... protect your eyes, do it over newspaper or something
and enjoy.

it is possible due to the shape of the 4k windows that they may be able
to be removed through the inside of the door, I don't know.

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands