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RE: Vacuum line..... an Olympic Imp. Parts

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998 Marc_Nguyen@mail.amsinc.com said on quattro-list:

> Earlier this year, I spent the better part of an hour calling a bunch of
> parts shops in the D.C. metro area looking for the cloth braided vacuum
> lines.  All the "big" parts places said that the lines could only be found
> at the dealer.  Finally called Olympic Import Parts where I had bought
> numerous parts for my VWs in the past.  I asked for the lines and the
> response was "You mean the German ones?  Yeah, we got 'em."  They had every
> size I needed for my urq.  The price depended on the size of the hose and
> ranged from around $1/foot to $6/foot. 

Just to add to this that I had a numerous and generally positive
experience with this company (Olympic Foreign Parts in VA). They
specialize on mail-orders. Ralph there does work to find the deal and in
about 80% cases his price would be the best or close to the best you can
get if you spend much time on the phone or write emails to their rivals. 
Yes, sometimes other's price was better for amount that I didn't regret I
spent my time on more shopping but this is unusual. Their product line 
is less complete than that of some of their rivals but their prices are 
usually very competitive. I hope this company will one day appear in 
q-list's Parts and Vendors List

No affiliation or personal interest.