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     I had an 4000Q from '86 through '88 and I have a 93 S4 since new.   I have 
been thinking about getting a wagon but a S6 Avant is too pricey so I have been 
thinking about getting a 200.  Well, I have very little knowledge of this model 
and I just have a couple of basic questions:

1) I know the '91 has the 20 valve, but what about the '89?  I can't seem to 
find info on that year.

2) Is there a year that seems to be better for the car and is there a year I 
should avoid?

3) Finally.... what seems to be market price??  I have seen a '91 for $ 7995- 
and a '89 for $ 3995-............

All help is greatly appreciated!

- Nick Pinto
93 Pearl S4