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Starting problems on Audi 4000cs quattro

Okay Audi Folks here is the problem,

Car is a 1987 Audi 4000cs quattro
This is the problem, The car is acting like the battery is dead. Trying to
start the car results a slow crank or no crank at all. Also the clock resets
This started happening this morning. Friday night it started fine after
work, I drove home and then this morning it would not start with out a Jump
start. It will compression start, start of off a charger, and sometimes it
will start on its own. (About 2 times during the day)
While driving the alternator light/Battery light DOES NOT come on. The Volt
meter does not go in the red, it sits at 12 volts where it is normal.
Any Ideas this is my thoughts the battery is Dead.
reasons.... The car will start everyonce in a while, the car will still
drive, I put 200 miles  on it today. If the alternator was dead wouldn't the
car die while driving?
The starter still works, the car will crank.
Any Ideas I am going to leave the battery on the charger all night and see
what happens.
Joe Rae