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A4 service manuals are available.

I received my A4 service manual(s) the other days.

It's actually all the same manuals the techs use but sold at one price with
a binder and packaging included.  They also said that I can buy TSB's($4
for the first one, $2 ea for subsequent ones).  Cost is $395(gulp) as
opposed to the ~$1000 the stuff would have cost seprately.

There are 19 seperate "Repair Manuals" each of which covers one aspect of
the car. As stated before, these *ARE* the repair manuals that were
previously sold seperately for Audi Techs. The package comes with a heavy
vinyl folder for each manual/section as well as a 3-ring binder for TSB's.
There's also 3 slipcases to store the folders.  It covers 96 to 98.5.

Finally, I should also mention the warning on the front of each section. It


This manual is written and intended for use only by professional
technicians, who have attended formal training courses for our vehicles and
have access to special tools made specifically for repair of those
vehicles. This repair manual is being made available to consumers in order
to comply with *Federal
Regulations*(emphasis is mine).

Most repairs discussed should not be attempted by any person who does not
have the necessary training and special tools reguired.


So, as I thought, VW/Audi is required by law to make service manuals for
all their cars available to consumers, something they have not been doing.
I find this kind of annoying.

Paul Wilson