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Re: Oil trivia

Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> Was that marketing or real content that pushed the price of that filter up?
It _was_ a branding issue. Mobil 1=higher price.  And even with more
filter media . . ."there's a healthy mark-up in the product".
> > Mobil 1 filter
> > Neat filtering media and good multipass test results.
> Any detail on this product?
Mobil website has a data sheet.  I asked brother for more info to
include in the filters data I'm building.

> > Then beer started to flow more freely and coherent conversation ceased.
> Wow, I've never tried beer in the sump...  :-)  
No, sump is used for the clam chowder - Manhatten style only.  Tomatoes
provide that real nice acid wash effect.  Much better than a little ATF
before changes.

> Is that Mobil 1 Lager or Ale?
Pilsner actually, chill only in models with all metal radiator.  
Plastic rads tend to impart undesirable aftertaste and destroy bouquet.

Oops, think i'm tempting fate and the gods/gremlins here.
MJ Murphy