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Re: Chevy speak (long)

Mark said:

><< I can't think of a more loony transplant, than putting a v8 into a 911,
or  (in reference to the 5K/LT1 project)

Scott replied:

> Then I go back to the beginning of your post, and feel
>proud, to be both loony and ...  (For participating in the project.)

I think that the LT-1 Audi is absolutely great.  These guys working on it
are quintessential Ammurican car guys and they oughta be bronzed.  Lookit:
An Audi 5K is a great car, but its not a Hispano-Suiza.  There are a lot of
them around, and they're perfect candidates for this kind of outrageous
experimentation.  Someday, if money and leisure permit, I'd like to do two
swaps:  a 3.0 liter Milano Verde drivetrain into a '69 Alfa GTV, and a ZR-1
drivetrain into an early '50's Chevy 3100 pickup.  Why?  I don't know, I'm
just smitten with the prospects.

Anybody can build an ersatz S2:  just order Audi factory parts and bolt them
on competently.  But the LT-1 project is... heroic.

Brandon Hull
'91 Ersatz S2