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Re: extra vacuum line (84

 -=> Quoting G  Benedikt Rochow <=-

 GBR> a metal arm that (I'm guessing here) apparently turns
 GBR> the throttle (That has another arm that RubeGoldbergs 
 GBR> to the pedal area). I get the general impression that it's 

 GBR> dangling. What is it? What should I do with it?

      You really need the Bently manual to get an idea of
      what goes where.  No Ts on the line for the cruise
      control on the 5 spd. manual I have, so can't help
      you much without actually seeing the car.

 GBR> different topic:
 GBR> When changing spark plugs, is there anything bizarre (besides
 GBR> the way this car has been neglected) that I should watch out for?

      ALWAYS make sure the engine is room temperature before
      pulling/installing plugs.  That's about it.

 GBR> -G. Benedikt Rochow

       I MAY be buying a 1985 5KS Automatic for parts, car
       has been meticulously maintained by owner, but blew
       the differential.  I will be making an offer of $70
       for the car (new tires, CV joints, excellent molding
       etc. all needed on the wifes '84 5KS). Auto tranny in
       the car is only 6 months old too.   If the deal
       works out, I'll let you know, if you want to come
       look  (Boston area) at where everything goes it might help
       you out.  There is nothing like having a complete
       car to look at to help you figure out where things
       are Supposed to be.


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