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RE: Ref no-Audi content posts

OK ... finger on the DELETE key all! ... :-)

> >People need to cool down a bit. Please consider that people have varied
> >interests, besides our common interest of Audi vehicles, and therefore
> >will occasionally make comment, just as they would in a normal
> >conversation. I've found that if a quick scan of the message reveals
> >nothing of interest to me, the DELETE button works wonders.
> Agreed.  What frustrates me sometimes is how people will jump on someone 
> so quickly for posting something random.  I dont see what the harm is.  
> The delete button really isnt that hard to hit, and actually, i have my 
> mouse programmed so that it will delete things when i hit the two bottom 
> buttons at the same time.  I could care less about the torsen thread 
> (actually i loved reading about it), or various other things.  But hey, 
> thats just me...
> We are all supposed to be friends here, lets not make this into a 
> business only relationship....
Well, I think the listmeister made the policy known fairly clearly ...

It may seem benign when a random off-track excursion occurs, but I am
convinced that this is because most everyone on the list knows what can
happen when off topic posts are made.  I think that is why you are likely to
see such quick and strong opposition when similar posts are made ... we all
like what we have with the quattro list for the most part, and most of us
have seen what a difference there is between the q-list traffic and other
things like the usenet.  You can be certain that it is by no means meant to
be a personal attack ...

I think it all comes back to consideration for others.  For the post in
question, think about those folks around the world that could care less
about the US version of football ... if they even knew that is what the
message was about.  We all have friends that we converse with via direct
e-mail ... feel free to send such messages to your buddies on the quattro
list or elsewhere ... but please think twice about what you post to the
quattro list.  You can bet that there is a wide diversity of interests
amongst the members of the q-list, and probably a lot of common interests as
well.  IMHO, anyone should feel welcome to tack a short note like the one
that was posted to the bottom of a message that had some q-list relevance,
but posting something like that by itself is not something I like to see ...

Agreed that the DELETE button is very effective, but it still has a cost ...
think about what would happen if every other post was not Audi related ... I
don't think I'd care to suffer through that ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... thinking about how nice it would be to drop my QTC's body on top of a
'91 V8Q/5-speed drivetrain ... :)