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Re: Hawk Brake Pads

>> The HPS is the best (reasonably priced) compromise pad that I've found. 
>> They don't need warm-up time to start working like the MetalMasters do,
>> and they don't fade (on the street) like the stock organic pads can.
> Have you ever tried them at the track.  Want something better than
>the MMs.  Ferodo will do that buat wonder if these are better than ferodo.

On Gary's advice I bought a set of HPS pads.  I was primarily looking
for something to use on the track, as I am very happy with my Raybestos
SuperStops for street use.  I did get a chance to use the HPS pads at the
last event at Texas World Speedway before my tranny problems, and they
performed nicely.  They had absolutely no fade and grabbed fairly well.
They also seem to be easy-going on the rotors, and don't need to warm
up before they offer some stopping power.  I much prefer the Raybestos
pads in terms of pedal feel and I think they grab better, but you can
also hear them grinding away on the rotors and they might have been
fading badly (hard to tell with slotted rotors, I think).

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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