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Re: 4kq: what year?

>Andrew Buc decided to speak these words:
>>Is a late ('85-'87) 4kq any more (or less) desirable than an earlier one?
>It depends alot on whatyou are looking for.  From what i know, the 
>earlier ones have stiffer stock springs, i keep hearing that it has 
>shorter gearing, but i dont htink so.  Also, the interior is MUCH nicer 
>in the later models, and if you go with an 87, you get updated suspension 
>geometry (i think,  i know a different front sway bar), and abs is 
>available. One last thing is that there arent power windows for the rear, 
>only the front.  Finally, the quattro system is different.  the 84 has 
>the old push/pull knob and the newer one has the dial knob thingie wiht 
>LED oil temp and voltmeter, which IMO looks pretty cool..
>Also, there are interior colors other than the brown..but i cant 
>complain, my interior is brown..hehe...
>other than what i just said, they are just about exactly the same.

My 87 has the ABS, grey interior, switches for the diff, little green led
display, trip computer....It's worth buying the late model.  Easier to get
parts too.

Brendan Barry
Boston, Massachusetts
Owner of a Glaringly red, 
1987 Audi 4000 CS quattro
Works like a charm, on Sundays.