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RE: 88 MB Urq questions

Phil Says:

> In message <BBF46448A508D2118CCA00805F156E93538404@xch-cpc-01> "Lewis,
> Gary M" writes:
> > My 86 MC code (similar to MB) 5000 turbo 5speed does 120mph at approx
> 5,000
> > rpm.  Similar power to weight ratio as an 88 MB Urq (doesn't handle like
> one
> > though).  Sounds right to me.
> a) I understand the MC is rated (in the 200 configuration) at 170bhp.
>    The MB is rated at 200bhp.
>    (Or am I confusing North American WR engine ratings?)
Your not.  My car has approx 215hp to 225hp (untested, guesstimate hp).  It
is running 1.8 bar.  Scott Mo. (Sorry to bring you into this Scott) may know
more definitively.

> b) The 200 is appreciably heavier than an ur-quattro.  Power/weight
>    is _very_ different: 25%?   Galvin's 200TQ is easily outperformed
>    by an MB, though I found a bad WGFV to wastegate hose in his car
>    yesterday.
My car is _not_ a quattro (See signature tag).  Curb weight is 3,000 - 3,100
lbs, similar, I believe, to an Urq.  Straight line acceleration at higher
speeds should be similar (off the line is probably different.  I would
expect the Urq to stuff my car off the line  Better weight transfer, no
smoking front tires).  I base this on similar weight, same basic motor and
turbo, similar hp, etc.

> c) I don't see what either has to do with the gearing ratio that
>    results in 5000rpm being 120mph.
Good point.  I didn't think about that.  However, I _did_ think about a) and
b) before posting, so the ready replies are above.  But since we brought up
a) & b) anyway, why don't we investigate c) as well...  Is the gearing in
your MB Urq different than the US 86 turbo 5 speed?  I believe the gearing
is the same in my car as a 5000tq.

> If I get a chance, I'll give it a run tomorrow.
Sounds like fun...

Gary Lewis 199km 86 5Kcst 5sp 1.8 Bar
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