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Re: '88 80 Radio Codes

Couple options (to be completely truthful, it's all hearsay as I'm chicken
to unplug mine as well)....

88's came coded as either 1111 or 1234 per factory manuals.

There a discrepancy on checking the codes: 3 bad attempts; lock for an
hour.  Repeat.  (Bentley, I think)  Service Training Manual says 3
attempts, lock an hour, 3 more bad attempts, radio must be replace.  At
that point, I'd be ripping the bugger open and looking for a battery or
CMOS chip or something....

Some people have claimed that momentary lapses in the power (5 seconds or
so) have not resulted in radio lockup.  Again, too chicken to try.

Call the PO(s).  Mine's never been home and never returned my phone calls.
:-(  Maybe you'll have better luck.

9V battery adapter in the cig outlet will keep the power going.  Maybe
you'll get lucky and can rig one with a long wire.

My end of the road attempt if I need to remove it and don't have the code
will be too splice in a 9V battery at the power leads in the rear and then
cutting the wires.  And when replacing, wire-nutting the power back on.
Maybe it'll work, maybe I won't be able to find the power.  I don't know.
I haven't ripped the dash apart....

At 03:19 PM 9/21/1998 ,  Geoff Brumback was inspired to say:
>  Okay, next question.  Anyone know of a work around for the '88 radios?
>  AoA informed me that the code was a user programmable, and are not 
>  admitting to having a master code.  Therefore since I have no idea who 
>  the origianl owner is...I am the third, I have no way of getting the 
>  code.  Anyone have any clues?  Can a dealership wipe the code and 
>  program a new one?  I have not unhooked the radio yet, but it looks like 
>  I will have to, to r&r the heater core.  And for future problems such as 
>  dead batteries.  TIA

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