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Re: Chevy power

Michael Williams wrote: You know, this is funny.  I agree that yeah, these
engines do last a long


>  I just took the head off of my parts car, a car that was running
> GREAT when it ws in its accident.  what i saw was not pretty. The exhaust
> valves were burnt white, there was an incredible amount of blowby, the
> carbon buildup on the pistons was horrible...there was even oil in the
> intake manifold.  the mystery is why thse cars run well in that
> condition.

I did a head gasket on my old 4000Q at 300K miles. When I took the head off,
it looked like someone chromed the whole thing. It was immaculate. I
eventually sold the car with 415K miles on it some years later and it was
running perfectly. The car is still on the road and I see it every once in a
while, and he hasnt done anything to the motor since he bought it.It now has
over 625K miles on it now.

With my experience on SB chevy's, thats a number that engine just wont see
without tossing a LOT of $$ at it.