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Re: Chevy power

Bob correctly states:

>With my experience on SB chevy's, thats a number that engine just wont see
without tossing a LOT of $$ at it.<

For the most part, I am with you here.  I think what I 
have written has been misunderstood.  I will try one more time.

The GM V8 is *only* worth the hassle if you want [need?] the additional power.  Should you put it in a
S6 that has 30,000 miles that you want to sell in 6 months?  hell no.  I do believe though it is a fantastic
alternative for the guy driving the 10vt series of sedans / wagons that wants 325+hp / 380 ft lb of torque, on a relative budget.  Can you get that power from the 10vt?  sure.  where in the powerband and for how much is what I ask.  You will not get the
torque where you see it in the V8, if you can match at all.

Btw, I have seen SB chebs run 250,000+ with complete ease.  It is in the maint.