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Re: Chevy power

I'm on both the 928 and the Q lists.  I had a timing belt change done on my
84 euro 928 just the other day.  It was looking pretty loose.  What cost
could I look forward to after a TB failure:  $4000 + (according to my



From: Bruce Aukerman <Bruce@mannlawfirm.com>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: Re:  Chevy power
Date: Monday, September 21, 1998 2:01 PM

Mark, you are just plain wrong here.

The Chevy V8 into 911is not only an outstanding cost saver, but assuming
same hp [let's say 350] from chev V8 vs. P-6, the torque on the V8 will be
much higher = better low end.

911 tranny from 72-86 is most likely the 915 transaxle, rated for up to
500hp.  930 trans rated for
up to 700.  so, this works well also.

Resale value:  Subject close to my heart:)  Listen, resale means whatever
you can get for your car.  Barring a buyer who just MUST have the car you 
are driving, mods mean precious little in add-on resale.  The dragon wagon
posted for sale here 
sounds super, but, as claimed by the seller, no takers at what $21k?  

Hard to hurt / help the resale value of an Audi with
80,000 plus miles on it.  Sure, you can push it this 
way or that of book, but, you prolly won't sell a $14k
car for $20+.  If you can, good for you.

My hat is off to this whole LT-1 / 5 swap.  I think it is
an outstanding match, especially when made to a 
car that sells for what, sub $6k?  

Btw, have known a number of 928s4 owners.  You 
want aftermarket power?  So did they.  Two words
of advice when shopping for it:  Bend over.

Anxiously awaiting details on the swap!