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Re: Heater valve location 4kq

> I am trying to resolve my problem of hot air coming out of the side vents
> when the A/C is running.  Where can I find the heater valve?

In a hose behind the head (has a cable going to it)

> I ripped apart
> most of my dash and it isn't there! .  Anyways, I also found this
> little box that says Jetronic? whats that for?

That's your ECU.  Without it the car will barely run.

> There were a few loose wires that I can't figure out what goes to where.

Most of them go nowhere... 

Anyway, of the two (84,85) coupes I just acquired, *both* blow hot air
all the time.  Neither one's heater valve seems to move when the H/C
lever is moved.  So, the cable has come uncorkled inside the heater
control Goldberg (Rube) ism thingie.

Remove console (ha ha), pull the escutcheon plate, look at the little
maze of doohickeys.  the cable for the heater valve comes from under the
steering column, the sheath is clipped into place at the left side of
the mechanism and the cable itself then continues to the business end of
the lever.  My bet is that the sheath has come unclipped.  Hope the
plastic it clips to didn't break.

Lemme know if that is the case and you need a part number for the clip.

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands