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re: new 5ktq

Problem areas: exhaust manifold- they are prone to crack, typically 
between the 4 and 5 cylinder outlets, and are expensive.  They can be 
welded (if done properly).  Also in the same area the exhaust manifold 
studs break and aren't fun to replace as the head will need to be 
pulled. (2) The climate control system in general works fine if 
everything works fine, usually expensive and not easy to fix, the weak 
AC I don't know, if new parts are needed check with TPC, Blaufergnugen, 
GPR, etc. (3) I'd suggest changing the transmission and rear 
differential fluid, Audi says it's not necessary, but it's almost twelve 
years old now.  Redline is good. (4) Absolutely positively chip it, mine 
from Intended Accleration is fantastic.  It is a night and day 
difference.  Forget about 1.3 maybe 1.4, regular runs at 1.8 will amaze 
you after running it stock for a while.  It already has an oil cooler so 
high temps shouldn't be a problem, besides making the intercooler 
-Matt Martinsen 

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