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RE: Anti laser license plate covers

Greetings !

FYI - In Oregon, the same laws apply regarding the license plate covers.  No
clear, smoked or colored are allowed and both plates have to be displayed.  I
know about the plate regulation from experience.  Whilst in college, I was
stopped and cited for no front plate.  I guess the Judge recognized the "Poor
college student" thing, and let me off with a warning ! 

Drew C. Boggs 
86 4kCSQ 

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	Subject:	Anti laser license plate covers

	I'm unaware of the laws in most states, but in California it is
	the law to put any kind of cover, clear, smoked, or otherwise, over a
	license plate, or any other object which obscures or partially
	the visibility of that plate. Furthermore, you have to have both a
	and rear plate FIRMLY affixed to the car. It is also illegal to
	any kind of material over the headlights, like those slick covers
	on the 904, and sold aftermarket for the 240/260Z cars. I believe the
	904 is actually exempt by a "grandfather clause". I'm not sure about
	stone guard materials recently discussed on the list. These laws
	always enforced, but they're there when the friendly officer needs
	I don't think it would look all that good noted on a laser
	speeding ticket.
	I'd probably check my state's laws before installing something like
	this. No sense giving them another excuse to stop you.
	Just my $.02, John