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Free Free Free Stuff

And one thing FS!  THis will probably be the last of my cleaning up and out:
* Brown door handles from 84 CGT
* 84 4KS odometer guts
* Little plastic piece from dash cluster, goes
  over indicator lights
* "Audi" badge from late 80's 5KS
* Center Dash Vent for CGT/4KS
* Speedo face plate from 84 4KS

FS for a grand total of 5 bucks (postage included!) is one tire holder inner out of 
a 86 4KS.

If interested, email me at either address! Am using another as my home computer is sick and I have no other way of getting my mail.

oooo   Ron Roth  Ithaca NY USA   84 4000S
PLEASE respond to:  talkpine@lightlink.com

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