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Re: Ford Power was Chevy Power

Matt Bauer wrote:

> I read an article about a year ago in Car & Driver about a company in
> Conn or Mass that was doing similar swaps to Volvos but with Ford V-8s
> and having positive results in terms of bang -4-$. If I recall
> correctly, it was rumored that Paul Newman, who has access to a few fast
> cars, owned one and David Lettermen, who also has similar access, was in
> the process of purchasing one. Sounds like an awesome conversion for a
> high mileage 5kq or 740 wagon to me. Wonder if I could put one in my
> GTI?

How about a Ford 5.0 liter V8 in a Mazda Miata, I have pictures of the car,
shown at the Car Craft Car Show at MN fairgrounds last year. Can you say
"suicide machine?" I've believe "more is better", but too much is

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