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Re: 4kq person in Boston....

Coolian wrote:

> On Comm Ave. in Boston last Saturday night....
> YOU: Middle-aged guy, smoking a cigar in a 1986 4000 Q, sunroof guard and
> dangling license plate.
> ME: Scraggly-faced guy in blue Altima that followed you and screamed out my
> window, waving like a fool and nearly cutting down 5 or 6 pedestrians.
> Is this guy a lister?
> Brendan Barry
> Boston, Massachusetts
> Owner of a Glaringly red,
> 1987 Audi 4000 CS quattro
> Works like a charm, on Sundays.

ME: In a 86 5K with a dangling license plate and sunroof guard but don't smoke

YOU:  Sorry to say I would've probably not paid any attention to another person
gesticulating wildly at me for my driving.  But I was on Comm ave.

Peter Kollias
86 5K (Still going.............)