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Re: Chevy speak (long)

<<So, your mildly to highly modified Honda/Mazda can beat/nearly beat a 911/930 
a drag race. Suppose the guy with the Porsche spent an equivalent amount of
money, a percentage based on the purchase price of the car, how do you think his
ETs would compare to yours? >>

Not a fair question; that's why they're called "boy racers".  The goal is to 
be as fast as possible _without_ a large cash outlay.  We put together
a blindingly fast Yugo once... just for effect... the effect of the guys
in the P-cars and Mustangs... losing to a Yugo.  I recently looked at a
1984 Fiero... with an LT1... and low 11's timeslips... for $13,000.  Never
underestimate what modifications have been done to crappy little cars.
<<Let's be fair about this, and while we're at it,
lets compare the relative quality of life experience provided by each car.>>

Ah, here's the ticket.  The quality of life provided by a Civic is
already abysmal.  Modify one to turn 11's and you have a horrible
car.... everywhere except the dragstrip.  

Goes back to the discussion of a few days ago... I've owned faster
cars than my UrQ, but none better.  The older I get, the more
important the "quality of life experience" becomes. 

Still, when I pull up next to a VW bus, I never take it for granted.  It may
be one you've put a 911 mill in.... or one of the many I've fitted with
a hot Corvair drivetrain....

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI