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'89 80q for sale in VA

 Well the time has come. This has truely been the best of the many cars I've owned, but I now need more space. 
It's a completely stock q with 142k miles, Black exterior (looks nice until you get up real close and see the surface details), Grey velour interior (very clean with no signs of wear), 5sp, cruise, pw, pl, s/r, very cold AC, recent Michelin MXV 4's, New belts except timing which was done along with the water pump at 118k, new windshield coming this week (damn tractor trailors), no rust or past accidents. I change the fuel filter every 15-20k, oil at 3k, and replace the Redline transaxle oil every 25-30k. Here's the list of what doesn't work: Right rear power door lock (fix it and it breaks again), factory alarm falses so I don't use it, that's it. This car has never acted up in its life, and is very reliable. Most all of the miles are country or highway, and many good ones remain. Will entertain offers in the $4k range. Dave

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