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Chevy Speak [not long:)]

Mark, others,

When the cheby V8 is transplanted in with alum heads [50 pound weight savings], the 911 ratio is about 62 rear, 38 front.  

I think the point being missed here is the first rule of modification:  Determine what you want the mod to do, before you do the mod.  Want best b4b in a drag = nitrous, hands down.

The glory of the V8 conversion is not purity, it may not even be that it is a better motor than what came stock [in terms of life].  What you get is low -end torque stock, in spades, and the ability to buy add ons at a less insane price.  If this is not what is wanted from the mod, then it should not be considered.   

One other thing I have noticed is the guys and dolls getting huge hp out of P-car motors are NOT twisting the boost higher and higher.  They are adding parts.  New, expensive parts.  Go to the PowerHaus Page, read the philosophy.  
My experience with putting diff brand motors in diff brand cars shows many that are cobbled together.  this is the main issue with this transplant, imfo.  If someone can provide a kit that makes this clean, cost effective, and not injurious to the already poor weight ratio we have in the older quattro cars, I will buy it.  Pure Audi?  What is that when you have aftermarket EC, exhaust, turbo, intercooler, wheels, brakes, etc.?  


With a nice source on the new Vette motor, and a smile:)