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Disabling Autocheck for Euro-light Install

Has anyone disabled the autocheck system on my particular model when
they have installed the headlight harness for higher wattage bulbs?  This
is particularly pertinent to those of us wanting to install big bulbs in our
pending eurolight installations.

I have a 1994 100CS that I just installed a headlight wiring harness on. 
The harness is the typical relay kind that I got from Competition Ltd. so
that I can run 80/100W 9004 bullbs in my existing headlights and then
convert it to the H4's in the eurolights in the future.  The problem is that
the Audi engineers have made it even more difficult to work around the
autocheck circuit in my model.

I understand the jumpering routine at the lamp control module(LCM)
socket but on this model the LCM combines the front lights with the rear
lights and spans two sockets in the fuse box.  It would mean a lot of
diagnosis and jumpering plus I'll bet the system still needs the circuit in
the LCM to not trigger the autocheck.

I think I found that this LCM not only compares the difference in current
between two equal circuits but must also measure the amount of current
in each circuit!  I believe this because I had the "brilliant" idea of plugging
low wattage bulbs into each headlight socket so that they would burn as
a sacrifice to the Audi gods and fool the autocheck but to no avail.  The
gods were not pleased and the autocheck announced it.  Plug the stock
bulbs back in and they are happy again.

I talked to Comp. Ltd. and their solution was to put tape over the display.
No thanks!
If anyone has any thoughts I would sure appreciate hearing from you.  I'd
hate to concede to the Audi electrical engineers on this one.   

Jim Gearhart
1994 100CS