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'98 A4 Chip Questions

Hey all,

I'm new to the list and must say I've been impressed with the content.  I
just bought my first Audi (a '98 A4 1.8t) about a month ago and have just
passed break in.  I am interested in chipping it and read an article on the
four leading chip makers in European Car.  I have looked through the list's
archives at some previous chip posts, but was more interested in any '98
chip experiences anyone out there might have...

The mag describes the process as a 5 minute deal with no other mods
required.  Is that really true?

Does Audi have any plans to update chip code during scheduled maintenance
ala BMW, thereby requiring me to switch back to my stock chip before
scheduled maintenance?  Also, do the chip manufacturers send out scheduled
software updates?

Any general advice on the process?  Things to look for after its done?  etc.

General pricing info??

Any insight is greatly appreciated...