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Re: Chevy speak (long)

   So, your mildly to highly modified Honda/Mazda can beat/nearly beat a 911/930 in
   a drag race. Suppose the guy with the Porsche spent an equivalent amount of
   money, a percentage based on the purchase price of the car, how do you think his
   ETs would compare to yours? Let's be fair about this,

Suppose you spent the *same* amount of money. Period. For the price
of a stock Porsche, you can buy a { Honda | Mitsubishi | Ford | xxx }
and put a *LOT* of "tuning" into it. Hell, buy a "stock" repro A/C
Cobra for a lot less than a Porsche, and the pseudo-Cobra will beat
the pants off of the Porsche, ET-wise. (Of course the term "stock"
when applied to the Cobra replicar marketplace is pretty vague...
and covers a *lot* of ground)

                                                          and while we're at it,
   lets compare the relative quality of life experience provided by each car.

Having driven an UrQ for a number of years ("stock" too, as well as
"tuned"), I can positively say that *MY* "quality of life" suffered
a severe and depressing downturn everytime some clapped-out Nissan
pickup truck left me in its dust (in the stoplight-to-stoplight
driving style; on the open highway the UrQ easily -- if eventually --
would win out), ownership of a WorldClassExampleOfEngineeringProwness
notwithstanding.  (I'll also parenthetically add that my Quality of
Life was nicely -- if transiently -- uplifted every blizzard when I
would go Porsche-hunting with my little ole Subie wagon; 'course now
I am a grown up and responsible member of society, and would not
stoop to such nefarious activities . . .)

If mere ownership of a { GoldChainCar | PieceOfArt | HistoricFirearm |
xxx } enhances your "Quality Of Life", go for it; but don't assume that
it will work for everyone else.