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Re: Urq poor cold start

In message <0637b4047201698UPIMSSMTPUSR05@email.msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Mine stopped on me today - no warning, slowing down from 30mph to a busy
> blind junction when it cut out right on the white line. Would it restart?
> Would it bollocks. After what seemed to have been half-an-hour of trying
> (but was probably more like 5 minutes) it did fire but didn't appear to be
> running normally. Fuel was down to the low level warning and since I
> refilled tonight it has been running smoother. Fuel pump is louder than
> usual but not really loud.

Pull the three grounds off the inlet manifold, sort out which one comes
directly from the coil, and 'rework' it.

 Phil Payne
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