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Re: '98 A4 Chip Questions

With TAP, I paid a core charge and received a brand-new computer with the
TAP chip installed.  All I did was swap the ECU's and mail the old one back
to them.  5 minutes.  And this did not cost extra.

'97 A4t
'90 CQ
'90 80

Robert Houk - WorkGroup Server Firmware wrote:

>    >I am interested in chipping it and read an article on the
>    >four leading chip makers in European Car.
>    There are a few more players... Neuspeed has a low-boost (compared to
>    mtm, Wette).
>    >The mag describes the process as a 5 minute deal with no other mods
>    >required.  Is that really true?
>    Even less if you know what to pull...
> Ummm...I'd say much more at minimum. The "ROM" is a surface-mount
> soldered-on jobbie; such beasties are non-trivial to rework (not
> hard with "the right equipment", a Royal PITA with most "hobby"
> soldering tools). One of the nice things that Wetterauer does
> is conjure up a "plug & socket" model so that once modified, any
> subsequent session is pop out the ECU, pop open the box, pop off
> the chip, reverse process...but that *first* cycle is *not* for the
> inexperienced solder-jockey!
> I've been planning on submitting a mini-review of the Wett A4 chip,
> but don't have my notes here with me. RealSoonNow...
>                                         -RDH