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Re: Re:spark plugs - 84 5kS

 -=> Quoting G  Benedikt Rochow <=-

 GBR> (when I pull it off, there is a spark going through that
 GBR> crack to the heat shield - I guess I can check whether
 GBR> taht spark also occurs when plugged in by removing 
 GBR> the heatshield..?)

      The spark plug connector (boot that goes over plug)
      is sold separatly and can be replaced without replacing
      the wires.  Check the wires for resistence to see if
      you have a bad one. If you have a leaking wire, boot,
      or cap you can usually hear it cracking.  There is
      also a spray you can buy (forgot the name) that is an
      excellent way to find bad wires, you spray it on
      and if you have a high voltage leak the wires will
      snap crackle and pop, the car will die if it's
      really bad.

      Gapping the plugs correctly would also be a good


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