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Re: Volvo V-8 Conversions

>> > I read an article about a year ago in Car & Driver about a company in
>> > Conn or Mass that was doing similar swaps to Volvos but with Ford V-8s
>> Dunno if this is the same company, but if you are interested in this sort
>> of thing, check out www.group-6.com
>Just grabbed from my friend:
>Interesting.  I wanna see something besides an MC or 20vt in a 4kq :)

I think the poor thing would collapse under the weight...4k's didn't have
diesels, probably with excellent reason :)

This only worked because they used a diesel car; note that with the V8, the
0-60 time was painfully slow(almost 8 seconds) with an auto tranny(slower
with the manual.)

The actual Volvo/V8 swap I believe the person is referring to is the 960
wagon conversion done with a Mustang 5.0 and a 6-speed stick.  Done for the
Prez of Mobil, if I recall correctly.


Brett Dikeman
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