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Re: 5ktq vacuum leak

Steve Burke wrote:
> My car pants like a dog at idle sometimes, and the FV duty cycle is
> 80%, so I suspect a vacuum leak.  Testing with a vacuum pump, the line
> that tees out to the diff locks won't hold a vacuum at all.  The diffs
> lock fine, though.  Is this normal?  If it's not, then where should I
> look for the leak in the diff lines?  Where are other places minor
> vacuum leaks happen?  I've taken care of all the major hoses, and my
> dipstick and fill cap seal well.
>                 Steve Burke
>                 87 5ktq 152k
The vacuum actuators for diff lock/unlock have double inlets one to lock
the other to unlock.... it is probable the unlock diaphragm may be
leaking (based on your readings) When the control knob for diff. locking
is off, vacuum is fed to the unlock side. 
Easy test.... reach down from front of engine compartment and pull hoses
to vac. servo  (mark front and rear) plug with golf "tees"...check idle
or pump reading...go from there !