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Re: Longterm Car Goals

On Wed, 23 Sep 1998, Coolian wrote:

> rear 6x9 speakers
> bass-block front speakers
> ampifier for rear speakers and subwoofer
> subwoofer trunk install

I'd personally get some real speakers in the doors - at least a two-way
setup.  I enjoy a front-biased sound stage as 99.9% of the time, I'm the
only person in the car.  I have 6.5" midranges in the doors and 1"
tweeters in the dash where the silly old speakers used to be.  5.25"
coaxial speakers in the rear give the rear passengers something to listen
to as well... oh, and a sub in the trunk, of course.

> "tighten" front seats, no wiggle

I haven't figured out if this is possible yet.  Let me know.

> black/silver pedal covers

Ditto this one -- the covers seem very attached to the pedals...

> air filter or K&N filter element

I've been told the K&N does zip for performance... YMMV

> Optima battery

Why?  Too much $$$ imho.

> H&R sport-lowering springs

they _really_ slam the car from what I've read.  Eibach doesn't lower as

> take apart doors and lube everything

Including all window parts and tracks...

> Lube sunroof rails

You aren't doing this already?

> new stainless steel exhaust system with nice sound, dual tips

$$$ here.  If you read a few threads back, you can get a three-chamber
flowmaster for a lot less than either the stebro or cusom SS exhaust.  Not
much bang-for-buck here, IMHO.

> struts for hood

Check out Huw's page for good info on this one...

> Install cross-drilled rear rotors

Why?  How about cross-drilled front and some decent pads?  Leave the rear
alone unless you really want to spend the $$$.  


Now, how about the following items that may need servicing:

- SS brake lines (nicer pedal feel)
- Trunk shocks (if you haven't replaced 'em already, they're bound to die

Just my $0.02


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