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Re: fog lights

> Ah yes, the rubber corpses can be a hazard.  They are of course the remains
> of tires that tried to cross the freeway at night, probably on a dare by
> their friends.  ;-)

Cute :)

> Consider yourself lucky the damage wasn't worse. In a similar scenario, I saw the grill of a car get destroyed, and
> looked to be some deformation in the hood and quarter-panel.  Big explosion of plastic and glass.  This happened last
> weekend in the lane right next to me, kindof scary.

That was pretty much the demise of my old escort. A tractor trailor in front of me lost a retread, and it was coming at
me horizontally at about 6 million miles an hour (Ok, Im rounding up...) it hit square on the tinted part of the
windshield, and went right through the glass and peeled the roof back like a sardine can. (Ok, so it basically WAS a
sardine can!). Luckily I saw it coming and ducked.