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Another fine Audi defect

When the door handles break, I just mumble and fix it.  Window switches go dead with the window down, pull over, pry and toy and urge, sometimes they even work.  Lights are for shi*, ok, replace them.  Radio sucks, ok, replace it.  Auto tranny's replaced by the six-pack, hmmm.  Blower motors, yeah, pry 'em out and put in a different one.  Seat heater switches go, no big deal.

But, the defect in these cars which just truly burns my ass as that clutch doohinky that makes its defective presence felt when the clutch pedal snaps all the way to the floor.  Gawd, how much I would pay to have the engineer's throat in my hands at that moment.

Broke it twice in 6 months.  No wonder the general public runs from used audis as if running from a forest fire.  Oh, and parts guys at the local piece-o-shi* dealership?  Gotta bring'em the dam*ed thing in order for them to tell you they don't stock it "but can probably order it".  Probably?  WTF AoA???

Thanks, I feel much better.  The engines last a long time, precious little else does:(