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Re: 87 CGT Dash Lights

>  iron from them, and heat up the dab of solder on each leg of
>  the bulb, then pull the leg away from the tab on the switch.

Easier if you buy either the $5 suction solder pulling tool: push the
plunger, heat the solder, hit the button to release the plunger and suck
the solder.  It's kind of like a baster in reverse.  Or buy the $2
solder-removing braid.  It's braided copper (like a batter terminal wire)
that you lay over a solder and you heat the solder through the braid, when
the solder melts, it wicks into the braid, which you them snip off and file
circularly.  Or buy both, they're both useful and have their own place.

>  open the switch.  Be sure to use some contact cleaner and/or
>  sandpaper to clean up the contacts inside the switch.

I use an emery file that I stole from my wife.  It's a 'buffing" type and
isn't as abrasive as most.

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