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Re: Disabling Autocheck for Euro-light Install

Yes, use the GeoGuide thingie. If you leave it on your pages (defaults to
being there), you don't get the pop-up.  But, it takes up space, is at the
top and can sometimes be sslllooowwww, so many people ditch it and do the
pop-up window instead.  Since the pop-up usually happens quite quickly, if
you linger on the mouse button a tad after you click to a GeoCities page,
you can click the (now in the background) main page to bring it back to the
front.  AND as long as you don't exit the (now in the background)
advertising page, you'll never see it again as it will stay in the

At 10:09 AM 9/23/1998 ,  Bob was inspired to say:
>  RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
>  > Check the 20V Home Page, they have instuctions I believe.  Our 20V
page was
>  > also mentioned in the new EC magazine, so hats off to Eric Renneisen for
>  > having all his hard work finally recognized!
>  But is there any way to disable that god*m, monumentaly annoying pop up
>  thats on all geocities sites????

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