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BTDT: 10 year rust perforation warranty? was Re: 1988 Audi 90

I tried this on my 1990 V8 that had some rust spot's on it.  When I went to the
dealer they said the paint ain't original take a hike.....  (This really burned
me because I didn't know the paint wasn't original and this dealer Pass&Weisz 
received 115.- bucks to go through the car before I bought it!!!!)

Otherwise I believe they where going to repair it.

But remember,  they aint gonna fix rust from a scratch, dent, ding or
rock chip etc.....

Only what they deem to be a manufacturer defect....  this will probably
turn it a definition of what "is" means....(Sorry couldn't resist..)

Mike L.
90 V8 (with more new paint to fix rust...)
89 100 Avant (all original paint, except for driver fender that is still
              original Audi paint, just not the original fender to this car :-)
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