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Re: quick and dirty fix for 5kq? CC (update)

Steve, you are a gentle man.  I didn't figure there was a simple fix.   I've got
the centre out of the dash and I was just too tired to carry on.  Didn't do the
pipe routine, last resort.  About two weeks ago I heard a major 'thunk' when
operating the CC.  Now I need it.

Steve, there are some people on this list that will help no matter what.  If I
lived close by you'd probably wish I didn't.  Ringadingding...Hello?...Hi Steve,
remember me?...ohmygawd!  Yes, yes...what's the problem?


Geo...it's going to be cold for a bit...but I've got a handle on it.

Buchholz, Steven wrote:

> ... you know ... I thought that forcing the heater valve from the rest
> position actually closes the valve ...
> On the 5kq the climate control system usually allows coolant to flow through
> the heater core (it also runs the refrigeration system as well!) and then
> uses the blend doors to regulate the air temperature.  Based on this fact I
> don't see any reason that you're using a pipe to replace the heater valve
> wouldn't be a totally acceptable solution.  The only time that the
> controller shuts off flow is when you have the system set to "AUTO" and the
> temperature set to "LO" or the "OFF" mode is set.  If you find that the
> vacuum line that drives the heater valve does not hold vacuum, it indicates
> to me that your recirculation flap control motor has broken itself loose of
> its mount.
> HTH and stay warm!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)