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Re: audi 90 webpage???

Not that I know of.  www.audi80.com is a site for the 80/90 but there ain't
much you can do with the car short of either having Levant Cur come over
and degree you have (cough, cough) 250HP or dropping in an IRL Aurora

The NG puts out about 130HP.  One major problem is the fact that the head
has 40mm inlet & 33mm exhaust valves and a wimpy camshaft.  You can get a
re-worked head for $1500 that majorly increases valve size, drop in a new
cam for $400-500 and get 170hp.

Take the block to 2.6L ($3000) and you can get 180hp when coupled with new

Reality: Drop in a K&N ($50), good for 2% or so; polish & port the head
($300-500), good for 5% or so; fat exhaust ($800-1200), maybe 5%...

At 10:32 PM 9/23/1998 ,  Derick Farfan was inspired to say:
>  Does anybody know of any pages devoted to enhancing and upgrading 88-91
>  Audi
>  90 quattro (10 valve).  With pics.  Any response would be appreciated.

	88 90Q - <insert pithy witticism here>
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