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Re: [Fwd: [M] Consumer Reports Raves]

In message <3609F588.D62F36B3@pioneerplanet.infi.net> Paul Kuettel writes:

> For AMUSEMENT ONLY.  Not intended to start flame wars.  (We all know an
> '885KTQ is superior to an '88 Scorpio ;-)

I drove Scorpios (when they were still called Granadas) as company cars
for seven years.  I owe my life to one in a 7x rollover accident - three
of the rolls end-over-end.

My memory is of a car that was, IMO, superior to a FWD NA Audi 100
at the time.  I might also mention the standard heated _FRONT_ screen,
standard ABS long before Audi had it, a pretty reasonable computer,
and an impact-driven fuel cut-off that Audi still don't fit.

Interestingly, few seem to have survived.  In 1988, they clearly
outnumbered Audis on the road.  Today, the relationship is the other
way round.

Ford also introduced me to Torx one very rainy night.

 Phil Payne
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