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FW: 1984 4kq forsale

  Not as refined in interior or exterior as the later years, but 84's are
good solid cars.  Cheap upgrade for good lights.  Might be a candidate for
requesting some photos.


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Subject: 1984 4kq forsale

First, this isn't my car, just posting for one of my customers...

1984 4kq, black, tan leather, SR, CC, AC 160k miles, runs well.
recent bilstien shocks, 4 15 inch pirelli's, 4 mounted snows
I just checked it out for inspection and everything passed
the RF control arm bushings are just starting to show signs of
wear however.

OTOH, paint is dingy and has a few dings, although there is no rust
underneath. the DS seat is torn and the interior is otherwise fair.
The car is maybe a 4-5 on a 1-10 scale. Mechanically, the car seems
fine and it rides well. Price is $1300 and the number is 610-376-4837
Ask for Bill.

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