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Re: Auto to 5 speed conve

 -=> Quoting Andrew Duane Usg/pe <=-
 ADU> Don't think it's nearly that easy, or I'd convert my A6QW.
 ADU> There are a lot of differences, from mounting to ECU to throttle
 ADU> body to ....

      On the 5Ks, you need a complete parts car, there
      are a few differences between the two, none of
      which have anything to do with the chasis.
      The idle computer and components like that
      are unique to standard/automatic cars and
      are not interchangeable BTDT.  Also, there
      may be differences in the driveshaft sizes,
      differential gearing, flywheel, etc.  It's
      very do-able on a 5K, IF you have a mechanically
      sound 5 spd. to do the transplant.
      Doesn't make much sense though, considering
      you can pick up a decent 5 spd. 5KS for
      about $300 around here.  Probably easier
      to transplant the good stuff from an automatic
      into a ratty 5spd than vice versa.


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