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5K slushbox to manual conversion

Item one: there are a bunch of "u-pull-it" junkyards around, sell parts
really cheap, you pull them - automatic transmission for $49.99, $10 core
charge. Try 904-255-8485, in Daytona Beach, for instance. Trick is to stay
away from Audi specialists who know what this stuff is worth . . . we want
good-ole-boy redneck, pickup truck driving JUNK YARDS, not fancy Audi parts
re-cyclers. Go get dirty laying in the mud and save yourself some REAL
money! You can always take a shower, which is much preferable to taking a

Item two: parts list for automatic to 5 speed conversion: (Probably
incomplete) Transmission with diff (internal - the fact that yours is still
good doesn't affect the price). Both half shafts (different std to
automatic), complete shift linkage, brake fluid reservoir (has outlet for
clutch master cyl), clutch pedal hanger assembly with pedal and overcenter
spring, master cyl (should buy new), plumbing, slave cyl (also new),
clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, flywheel, flywheel bolts, plastic
console in car, shift boot, knob, misc hoses and wires - this is a BIG
job!!! - If you're adamant about it, you REALLY need a parts car because if
you buy these parts one by one, you could probably buy a new S-8 for less.

Daunting prospect. Refer to Item one again, let your fingers do the walking.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman