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no maintenance sunroof?

Hello all:

After the wreck I'm turning my current '85 4kqs into the winter beater and
buying another to restore. The sunroof on my current 4kq does not work, and
needs too much to fix (I've been through it; it was a salvage car and much
of the sunroof guts had been already been scavanged - just enough there to
keep the roof piece from sagging). I just got back from the local glass shop
and they said they could shape a piece of lexan to fit, but could not bend
to match roof curve (lexan has too much memory?) and also could not source
rubber molding to secure (I was thinking something like an "I" in cross
section). The glass guy also said that I would need to support the lexan
from the middle and sides; sounds like a hastle.

Question: What is an _el-cheapo_ conversion to make this a no-leak,
no-maintenance sun (or moon) roof? If possible, I'd like to scavange the
existing sunroof guts for the new 4kq.
Priorities: cheap, no-leak/no-maintenance, aesthetics (in that order)

Virginia Tech - Department of Forestry  
216B Cheatham Hall (0324)    
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061